One Week in Hawaii Anthology Sale

Like the mystical unicorn frappuccinos–gone, but never forgotten–One Week in Hawaii will retire on May 19, 2017.

We’re celebrating the love (read: stolen moments under the stars; poolside fantasies; private beaches; and steamy rainforest encounters) by putting the collection on sale for 99 cents until then. YAY!

So set your clocks, and grab your eBook for 99 tiny pennies from May 12-May 19th!


And if you want some fun social media graphics to post, you can download them here! ❤


Season’s Readings!

Home for the holidays? Totally stressed out by family chit-chat and drama? Why don’t you sneak away for a quickie…

Uh, this kind works, too.

Free holiday short stories...-3

One Week in December features four short romances that you can devour on the go / in the closet hiding from Great Aunt Sue / hiding in the back yard with a flask / under the covers at night with your flashlight just like old times.

A Wish for Us All…

On today’s Holiday Countdown, Audra North shares with us her wish…

I’ve reached an age where I’m trying to get rid of things, so I tend not to wish for stuff. What I wish for every year during the holidays, though, is for my family to be happy and healthy in the year to come.

Once the ribbons and shiny paper have been cleared away, this is the wish we wish for you all…




Gifts for the Book Lover

We hope you’re enjoying the Holiday Countdown. Today, take a peek at Alexandra Haughton’s wish list.

Hey, y’all. I’m over at Deanna Raybourn’s blog today with a guest post on gifts for the book lover.

Pretty much everything on this list is something I already have (and wouldn’t mind having more of…more is more) or something that would put a big ol’ smile on my face were I to find it buried beneath layers of shiny paper and ribbons.

Giving someone the perfect gift is giving love in my book. 

So pop over to take a peek at the gift guide I’ve curated, and let us know if you see anything on the list that tickles your fancy. You’ve still got a little time to order for the 25th. (But giving the perfect gift knows no season…)

Haughton Gift Guide

The Holiday Countdown Continues

This week, we’re talking WISH LISTS. (And the answers run from awwww to please all the things. Can guess which list belongs to whom?)

What’s on Alexis Anne’s wish list?

Travel and adventure. My kids are old enough that we’re ready to get back to that (with and without them)!

And speaking of adventure, Miz Alexis Anne has a new project that just went up for pre-order today. D909: The Unspoken Game will be published under her Alexis Sykes pen name.

I’m pretty sure after you read the blurb, you’ll be putting this one on your wish list.


The First Christmas (Romance)

Once upon a time, Alexandra Haughton was a voracious little reader. (I know. How unusual.) Library books were awesome, but the Saturdays she could convince her dad to take her to Waldenbooks were even better. On those Saturdays, if she played her cards right and found one with a fairly benign cover, she could buy books her mom would never allow. (Dad never learned after he let her buy Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” cassette tape.)

So in fifth grade, she bought her first romance. It made the rounds of her friends’ backpacks. They giggled over, well, everything. And the quest was on: to find romance novels without typical romance novel covers.

But her quest was soon thwarted. Her mom caught on, and Little Lexi’s romance game was over.

Until one day in seventh grade

In the school library, of all places, Little Lexi found the holy grail: A HOLIDAY ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY.

It had a benign cover. No couple locked in a passionate embrace. And a fairly benign title. So she checked it out. And when it was due, she checked it out again. And when it was due the next time?

Oops. She “lost it.”

And thus began her love affair with the holiday romance.

Today, her eReader is FULL OF HOLIDAY ROMANCE. There’s no way she could recommend just one–except the moment she gets back to west Texas, she is going to look for the anthology that started everything so she can share it.

So enjoy this list of holiday books on Lexi’s TBR. (She’s a compulsive one-clicker, and these are but a few recent releases she’s looking forward to glomming):

  • Loretta Chase Falling Stars
  • Skye Warren Caught for Christmas
  • Kat Latham Unwrapping Her Perfect Match
  • Anna Campbell A Pirate for Christmas
  • Amelia Grey A Duke and Miss Christmas
  • Tessa Dare’s Lord Dashwood Missed Out

Multi-Author Anthologies: