The One Week in Wyoming “Meet-Cute” (or “The Origin Story”)


Romance writers are love experts. I mean, that’s what we do, isn’t it? We write—day in and day out—about two people stumbling into each other, navigating the messy waters of attraction, and falling in love. So, naturally we should be love experts.


That’s the thing about most writers: we’re excellent observers. That does not automatically translate into excellent doers. That little distinction is how One Week in Wyoming started. A simple little Twitter conversation about how, logically, all romance writers should be blissfully married (to incredibly hunky cover model men, I might add), in love,and  having amazeballs sex.

And yet, this is not how it is in reality. While some of us may benefit from our work research, or perhaps some of us see signs of relational issues earlier than others due to our years of observational experience, we do not have superior love lives. In fact, some romance writers are….SINGLE!

I’ll wait while you all collectively gasp and faint in horror.

So, like I said, we were all chatting it up on Twitter, laughing about all of this “romance authors have great love lives” junk, when we decided that, while romance writers may not automatically get fantastic love lives, we should be pretty darn good at helping our friends fall in love. Especially our fellow romance authors. ‘Cuz I mean, c’mon, if anyone deserves an awesome real life love story, it’s a romance author! How incredible would it be if we could fix up our single friends in the same adorable ways we make our characters meet and fall in love?

And that’s when we decided to write a book about it.

We picked a fun destination to send our imaginary couples (which you’ll learn all about later this week), gave them a series of events that each couple will attend (so the stories overlap a bit), and one week to fall in love. Voila! One Week in Wyoming!

Below you’ll find a little bit about my couple to get you started. And don’t forget to pre-order the book for only ninety-nine pennies! Here’s the link: One Week in Wyoming – Alexis Anne, Audra North, Julia Kelly & Alexandra Haughton





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