Special little snowflake of love

I have to admit: I am not a cold weather girl. I was born and raised in bone-scorching heat, and I consider any temperature below 65 degrees to mean winter.

That makes living in the Northeast…interesting.

But when I started writing Off-Piste, my contribution to the One Week in Wyoming anthology, I was surprised to find how many things about cold, snowy winters that I have come to love, despite the brutal cold. The way the air always smells clean. The way that freshly fallen snow makes the entire world seem new. The quiet stillness of the nights, and how lights seem to shine more brightly during wintertime than during any other time of the year. But most of all, it’s the heightened intimacy—the added coziness that winter inspires—that I have not just learned to appreciate, but to genuinely love.

Above all else, that unique sense of closeness that winter seems to bring is present in every story in One Week in Wyoming. Every couple in the book makes a special connection in just one week, in part because of the magic of winter. Romantic sleigh rides, hot tubbing while staring up at crystal clear skies, huddling together for warmth…One Week in Wyoming has it all!


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