Listening for Love

Hi all, Julia here. I’ve talked before about the importance of music and writing, but today I’m going to touch on the songs that I listened to while writing, editing, and generally wringing my hands over “Seduction in the Snow” in the upcoming One Week in Wyoming anthology.

When I start writing a book, I create a playlist with the working title and begin throwing songs on it. Since I write historical romance as well as contemporary it can be tough finding lyrics that match the scenarios I think I might run into (although let me tell you, if I had better French of any Italian there’s a whole world of crazy opera arias that would fit historicals pretty well).  Instead, I go for a mood that feels like the book I’m writing.

For “Seduction in the Snow” I wanted a few angsty songs, some with confused, “Wait, are we a couple or not?” lyrics, and a whole lot of sexy girl-power blues rock. If I’m being totally honest, I would admit that I just listened to Pistol Annies’ “I Feel a Sin Comin’ On” on repeat. The problem is that just one song makes for both very poor playlists and blog posts. Here’s a more expansive look at what was on my One Week in Wyoming Spotify list.

I like to think that my heroes and heroines enjoy a good mix of blues, soul, and rock while they figure themselves out.

If you would like to read “Seduction in the Snow” for yourself, there’s still time to preorder One Week in Wyoming from iBooks. It will release wherever ebooks are sold tomorrow.


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