The Wyoming Fantasy: A Travel Guide

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I love to plan trips. I mean, I really love to plan trips. I’ll sometimes eschew bedtime romance novel reading and plan entire getaways…that I’ll never take. Why will I never take them? Because, unlike my heroine Callie Emerson–who has a trust fund and friends with private jets–I am just a normal person. (Well, I’ll let you decide just how normal.)

Late at night in my tiny little urban cottage, with my tiny little iPhone screen hovering above me, I’ve planned imaginary trips to various European destinations, whole weeks of being a lazy beach bum in a rented house on a remote island, and interludes at spas with treatment prices that rival my mortgage payment.

Last summer, way before One Week in Wyoming was even a glimmer in our eyes, I actually planned a trip to Wyoming. But unlike the fantasy trips I’d planned, this one seemed totally do-able.

I started by looking at the National Parks Service website and found some pretty inexpensive lodging options—if a bit rustic—then quickly switched over to Google maps to figure out just how long it would take to drive from Dallas to Wyoming (approximately seventeen hours to the middle of Wyoming, FYI). From there, I looked up climate information—because I’d learned enough to know that some roads close for the season…as early as September! In September, it is still 100 degrees in Dallas. (The day this blog post goes live, it’s supposed to get down to thirty-six degrees at night in Jackson.)

So it seemed like planning a trip to Wyoming was like planning a trip to an alternate universe. Maybe that $1000 caviar, diamond-exfoliation, micro ablation, salt-water cocoon wrap thing was more accessible, after all.

But the idea of Wyoming wouldn’t leave me.

Online, I found a little cabin with a webcam (though technically this cabin is located in Idaho), and I started checking in on what the Tetons looked like each night. And I dreamed of getting some friends together to split the cost of that awesome cabin and what fun we’d have on the drive up there, singing and laughing. Then I stumbled upon this glamping option and though that tent might look glam, I prefer the sweet little cabins they have for rent—perfect for just a writer and her laptop…

When the four of us came up with the idea for this One Week in Love anthology, Wyoming as a setting didn’t emerge as a clear winner until we’d hashed out some other options. But when it did, I knew the bones of my story immediately.

I knew my heroine wouldn’t fall for the slick businessman Joan, her matchmaking BFF, had in mind for her. No, I knew she’d be sneaking out of the lodge to fall in love with Wyoming…and with a sexy, bearded rancher.

One day, I’ll really will make that trip to Wyoming. I don’t know if there will be a Win Carter type waiting for me, but I hope I find a really good sale on Callie’s London-blue topaz earrings.




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