Taking Things to the Next Level

In Blinded, my story in the One Week in Hawaii anthology, Chelsea Kato is dead-set on getting the man of her—okay, fine, her parents’—dreams. Brandon is everything she thinks she wants, and a week in Hawaii to celebrate her brother’s wedding is the perfect place to put her plan for seduction in motion.

But her brother’s childhood friend, Mike Dalton, has a plan of his own. He’s been in love with Chelsea for a long time, and that’s the only reason he agrees to help her make Brandon jealous enough to finally notice her. Mike thinks it’s ridiculous—why would any guy need help noticing Chelsea? She’s smart, funny, and a whole lot of sexy. A week with her wearing little more than a bathing suit is any guy’s fantasy come true.

I loved writing these characters because they came into the story with a history, albeit not a romantic one. I enjoy writing characters with a shared past because it gives them a strong connection and enough common ground to take a relationship to the next level. Of course, it usually helps if they both realize that they want one another…though often it’s not as entertaining that way!

I think what I enjoyed most about Blinded is that it brings two friends on a journey that started with one kind of love and ended with another. The idea that love persists even as it changes from one form to another, was something that really appealed to me in writing this story.

And, of course, I got to look at a lot of photos of gorgeous beaches, tropical skies, and hot men in swimsuits…what more could a girl ask for?


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