Using My Hollywood Obsession to Write Romance


So, confession time: I’m a huge celebrity gossip junkie.

I admit it.

I’m a terrible person.

Not as terrible as I used be… in high school, college, and even those first boring years of work, I ate up celebrity news like a starving hyena in a desert on a hot post-apocalyptic day. My co-workers and I would take turns asking the inevitable, “Did you decode Gossip Column X’s ‘secret’ gossip today?”


Yeah, we had it bad.

And it’s a little weird to follow someone else’s life. I realized it was a combination of boredom on my part, and loving to follow a story. Celebrity gossip is just that: a story unfolding in various mediums (television, pictures, columns) over a long stretch of time. We’re human. We love stories. I picked up a book instead, but I still feel the occasional pull of the glamour that is a Hollywood celebrity.

So Julia, Audra, Alexandra and I were batting around ideas for One Week in Hawaii and I really (really) needed a change of pace after writing When Lighting Strikes. I wanted to do something different, have a little fun. It is paradise after all!

That’s when I snuck a little peek at some entertainment news. The article was about the supposed love affair blooming between Hunger Games co-stars Liam Hemsworth (swoon!) and Jennifer Lawrence.


My years of hard-earned gossip experience told me that it was probably just a story, but it got my mind swirling. As the article detailed their friendship and time on set I started thinking about how much I enjoyed the idea of Liam and Jennifer falling in love. It totally didn’t matter if it were true! I wanted the fairy tale! I could write the fairy tale (and secretly force these celebrities I’d never met to act out my fantasy) so why not write my own story about best friends rising to insane fame and falling in love?

Liam and Jenn

Going hand-in-hand with my Liam/Jennifer celebrity obsession was my Lost fascination. The JJ Abrams show was shot in Hawaii and I kept remembering reading about sexy Josh Holloway buying a house with his wife and really enjoying their time in Hawaii. So I dug up some old articles for inspiration.

I love the idea of blending Hollywood, Hawaii, and real life in my stories!

Josh Holloway

So that’s kind of, sort of, how most of Loving Rebecca was born.

But I needed more. How do Liam and Jennifer Luke and Rebecca fall in love? What happens that week in Hawaii? You’ll have to read the book to find out, but I can tell you I had this song constantly on my mind!

You can also find all the pictures and articles about Liam, Jennifer, and Josh I used as inspiration while writing on my One Week in Hawaii Pinterest board:

And if anyone wants to buy me that Hangry mug, I’m okay with that!

xoxo Alexis


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